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Office Worker and Generally Staff

We are always looking for workmates are intelligent, self-motivated, work really hard and enjoy their jobs as much as kids enjoy playing. Secretary,Casher, Assistants, generally sales/engineer person etc. In our Bussines we need you can use at least Dual-Languages (English/Chinese Mandarin/Japanese). If you have interest in SANSUIDO group, Please do not be shy, contact us first.

Professional Business person

Because SANSUIDO group bussines facing to several process of many profession, We always looking for professional colleagues join us work togather. In the Design, Planning, Sales, Engineering, Trading, Consulting, Translation, Administration, Counting etc. If you also seeking a new Career Opotunities, and you want to try new bussines in SANSUIDO group. Please contact us first.

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WeChat Platform

SANSUIDO Information Platform is opend. Please scan QR code in your WeChat App and follow SANSUIDO News. In there we will broadcast about (only in Mandarin);

Our Culture

Interview Process

SANSUIDO group wants to meet more talents in the field, we will setting up interview meeting for You at any time.

Please Do't hesitate. Contact Us First.

You can through Internet email send your resume to SANSUIDO GROUP. after receipt your resume we will contact back to you and start conversation with you in detail. Generally we have 3 steps interview.