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SANSUIDO GROUP introduce Updated and Brad-new Teleopto series products to Customers.

Optogenetics > Teleopto Products

Some researcher said "If can realize the wireless Optogenetics experiment..." We should say "Yes, You can do it!" This series products are reaized wireless transmit IR signal ON/OFF of LED light situmulation.

Optogenetics > Teleopto4

Teleopto-4 is newly designed wireless optogenetics platform utilizing 2.4GHz RF. The receiver is capable of controlling 4ch optogenetic stimulation independently, whereas the size and weight are comparable to our regular Teleopto receivers.

Optogenetics > VTS-4

VTS-4 Video Tracking Stimulator is literaly a USB stimulator equipped with a video tracking function, developed for optogenetics experiment. By defining Zones on the video image from a general USB camera, it tracks an animal and outputs pulse trains defined by a dedicated software.

Optogenetics > LED Array Products

Optogenetics technology was applied for in-vitro cells or tissues for controlling gene expression. For this purpose, long-term and time-controlled light stimulation in a culture incubator is required. Full waterproof LED array fulfills all the requirements for the in-vitro optogenetics experiments.

SANSUIDO GROUP introduce New Laboratory environment Purifier Equioments to Customers.

3A-LAB > Duct less FumeHood
3A-LAB > Chemicals shelf with Air purification filter

The unipue Vertical Installation Design bring costomers can choose up to two different kind of filers in one equipment. The LCD monitor on the front of equipment will dispay numerical value from various sensors.

3A-LAB > Air purifier for laboratory
3A-LAB > Air purifier with multi angle arm
3A-LAB > Fireproof chemicals storage shelf with Air purification filter

It is not enough care about working tools for make inplements the whole safty and healthy Lanoratory / Industrial farm shop environment. We also introduce another Air purifier equipments to costomers.

SANSUIDO GROUP introduce excellent IN-VIVO experiment tools for You.

In-vivo > Fluorscence Mesurements
In-vivo > Fluorscence Microscopy

The optical fibers have revolutionized in vivo (fixed or freely moving animals) fluorescent observation with its ability to deliver excitation light to the sample and bring fluorescent light from the sample to detection unit.

Fixed In-vivo Probe > Optical Fiber Probe
Fixed In-vivo Probe > Opto-Electric Probe
Fixed In-vivo Probe > Single Cell Opto-Electric Probe

Instead of cannulation, fixed-animal in-vivo optogenetics experiments require thin and long optical probes that easily connect to micromanipulator probe holders and have minimal obstruction of the observation site.

Optogenetics > Doric > NewProducts
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Doric is the products that leading Optogenetics market. This series can provide most of the necessary experiment equipment in Optogenetics, for example cannula, patch cord, rotary joint etc.

Optogenetics > Laser Diode Light Sorces
Optogenetics > Ce:YAG Light Sorces

When you have to use very thin diameter optical fiber (under φ100μm), LED is not enough to delivery light power out put. In this case we recommend you choose Laser light sources for optogenetics.

Optogenetics > LightHub

The LightHUB® Compact Laser Combiner can be equipped with up to six lasers or LEDs of different wavelengths in a compact and rugged design.

Here you can find all other services:

Download > Document

Upload some technicalspec sheets, TIPs and stendees of product introductions.

Manufature > Design

CAD design mold for plastic, TPE, PVC injection. We have several cases designed for cstomers. In detail we can not open to the public.

Manufature > Factory

There are many cooperation factories in Asia. They have good skill to manufacturing for Plastic, TPE, PVC injection products suite for medical use. /p>

Consultation > Warehouse

Asia Pasific market become to sofisticated. You can use our Power of scale. We have several customers developing market. In detail can not open in website.

Consultation > Distribution

For get success, keypoint is can you establish proper sales channels in market. Now you can use our platform or we can help you establish your own saleschannels.

Consultation > After-sale service

Our customers from the medical, Lifescience market become more attach great importance to quality of our after sales services. for manufacture/sales company it have to pay very expencive costs to keep high quality technique engineer. We can share some technique engineer and reduce your cost.

Consultation > Trading

SANSUIDO group is a company that is pay highly attension to law-abiding, legitimate business. We have no any bad record in any custom.

Medical > Disposable goods

SANSUIDO have several cooperation companies which is developing medical production together. Then we also provide the way to promote them, selling them ,and administrating them. In detail can not open to the public.


All of SANSUIDO group workmates can use at least two languages. In past day we helped cooperation companies provide translate sepports in off-duty. Now for improve our service quality we had established professional translation team.

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